Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Collaged Paper

There are many different ways of doing collaged paper, and in this short tutorial it is my intention to show you this one particular easy method. These directions are for this particular type of collaged paper.

Supplies needed: Watercolor paper, Golden fluid acrylics, brushes, glue stick, a couple of geometrical rubber stamps, a small stamp roller, comb

This collage is limited to just 3 colors. Two warm colors and one cool, OR two cool colors and one
warm. The sample shown uses 2 warm colors: yellow and a clear red; and one cool color: green.

Use the the single color...whether you have chosen this to be cool or the accent color,
which means using it in the smallest proportion. In my sample, this is green.

Place your 3 paint choices on a paper plate....Use them straight, no mixing.
Paint three sheets of watercolor paper in the three colors.

Choose one of these to be your background paper. While the other two are still wet, stamp them randomly with uninked rubber stamps to give the paper some texture. I also like to draw a comb through wet paint for texture. When dry....acrylics dry quickly....tear them into strips of varying width.

Place these strips on the background piece in a way which pleases you. Then glue them down.
Run your stamp roller through one of the paint colors and roll it across your collage.
Repeat with another color if so desired.

With a few tries, you will learn to work fast so you can roll wet on almost, but not quite wet
paint. That's when you will see the beautiful color variations as two colors mix.

Keep your leftover torn painted strips for more collaged papers. The possibilities are endless!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Painted Papers

Supplies needed: paper... a little heavier than inkjet paper, but specific kind does not matter
paints...Golden fluid acrylics, Lumiere's (optional)
embossing powder...clear
heat gun, brushes
old comb (optional)

Use either throw away brushes or be careful to not allow paint to dry in your brushes, washing them out immediately.

Work on 2 or 3 papers at a time. Lay down a light in hue base color. Lay down stripes or squiggles of a a second darker color, leaving plenty of area uncovered. Repeat as many times, and with as many colors as you desire. Draw your comb through some of these....experimenting with the designs this makes. Before the last layer is dry, quickly sprinkle on some clear embossing powder. Shake off the excess into the trashcan. Hit the paper with your heatgun until it melts.

Be random. Consult your colorwheel for pleasing combinations. Use no more than 3 or 4 colors,
making one of these a metallic gold or silver. If you want to create papers of a darker tone, you
can use metallic bronze or copper.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


By popular demand, I will be posting some artsy Please check back!