Sunday, April 17, 2011

Will Stay Stuck?

I recently re-discovered my first love, Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate". I used it successfully to glue polymer clay cabs, fabric strips for my wrapped dolls, and all the various components of my box shrines.

And, then I discovered specialty glues. Quick Grip by Beacon is absolutely wonderful because it sets up fast. Over time, though, I have discovered that it requires special handling. Unless the glue is new, i.e. has not thickened even a tiny bit in the tube, and is applied to the surface thinly enough to make a firm does not hold firmly under temperature changes! Since my art goes to homes all over the country....and, sometimes, even further....the glues I use MUST HOLD!

I am currently working with "The Ultimate" once again...bemoaning its slowness, and promising myself to find a better way. What works for you?

Zip-Dry by Beacon is my favorite paper bubbling!