Monday, March 23, 2009

Trashcan Collage

I made this collage this morning in 10 minutes, not counting the drying time after I sprayed it with Glitz Spritz. Everything was in my trashcan, except the face and the heart which were on my table. The purpose is not to wind up with your favorite piece of work....rather, to learn that even in just a few minutes, it's possible to produce something halfway decent.
This is an excellent way to get going during those times when you find yourself bogged down. You set your own rules, but here are my suggestions:

Define the parameters:
Allow yourself only your trashcan for a supply of materials OR
Your trashcan plus acrylic paint (and, glue, of course) OR
Your trashcan and anything within easy arm's reach on your art table. No fair digging.

Set a timer to 15 minutes (or 20, but don't make it much longer or you'll take this too seriously)

Start gluing items down on the nearest piece of paper within your reach. Do it fast! No one's looking....not even that judgmental part of yourself. It is soooo much fun! I think we get bogged down because we think we can't create until we "clean up", as well as because we impose so many projects, so many rules, on ourselves.

Please let me know if you're pleased!

1 comment:

mary schweitzer said...

What a great idea! Sometimes we forget to just let go and have fun with the journey, not worrying about the end result.